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Regular Pedicure $27 (25 minutes)
Manicure $16

This pedicure is without callus removal. Includes nail shaping and filing, cuticle maintenance, we can help you relax your tired feet, warm spa and pressured jet take away your aches. Finishing with a massage.

Hot Stone Pedicure $37 (35 minutes)

This pedicure includes callus removal, nail shaping and filing, cuticle maintenance, hot stone massage can help relax the body’s muscles and soft tissues, and improve circulation.

Paraffin Pedicure $42 (40 minutes)
Manicure $21

This pedicure includes callus removal, cuticle trim, exfoliating scrub treatment, after, we will wrap your feet with paraffin, it will help soften your heels. Then finish with a relaxing foot massage and hot towel rejuvenating lotion.

Green Tea Pedicure $47 (45 minutes)
Manicure $26

A green tea infused product that helps hydrate, detoxifies and helps with problematic odors. Your feet are soaked in green tea sea salt, then a green tea mask enhanced with peppermint to relieve the aches, finish with a heel cream to soften and heal.

Pomegranate Pedicure $47 (45 minutes)
Manicure $26

Ruby red pomegranate embodies nature’s most potent antioxidant, skillfully fighting damaging free radicals to promote younger and firmer looking skin.

Rosemary & Mint Pedicure $47 (45 minutes)
Manicure $26

Calms anxiety, creates euphoria, a wonderful treat includes euphoric rose soak, gentle exfoliation with lemongrass and rose sugar scrub gel, soothing lemongrass and rose mask, nails reshaping, cuticle clean up, massage with lemongrass oil, hydration with rose lotion and polish desired.

Organic Paradise Pedicure $52 (50 minutes)

If you enjoy our deluxe pedicure, you will love our royal pedicure. This ultimate pedicure is purely indulgent, healing and truly luxurious. Your feet and leg are treated to the healing and soothing qualities of scrub, masks combined with hot stone massage and paraffin wax. This service will let your feet and leg smoother, hydrated, and relaxed. We invite you to soak your feet into a warm bath of milk and freshly cut, arrange, exfoliate away rough skin with fruit blended organic sugar scrub and wrap your feet.

Milk and Honey Pedicure $52
Manicure $31
Gentlemen Pedicure $52
Manicure $31
Cucumber Organic Pedicure $52
Manicure $31
Lemon Martini Pedicure $52
Manicure $31
Exotic Lavender Pedicure $52
Manicure $31

Detox Pedicure $57 (55 minutes) (pressure point)

Rich with antioxidants to help detoxify the body. Includes, Organic Neck wrap, are natural aroma-therapy that will soothe and relax your mind and body, detoxifying green tea, lemongrass and rosemary soak, gentle exfoliation with green tea, lemongrass and rosemary sugar scrub gel, soothing green tea, lemongrass and rose mask, nail reshaping, cuticle clean up, paraffin wrap and hot stone. After that we do massage with reflexology. Stimulation of these reflex zones can help restore the body, massage with lemongrass and rosemary oil, hydrate with lemongrass and rosemary lotion, polish if desired.

Muscle Tension Pedicure $57 (55 minutes)
Manicure $36
Bridal Bouquet Pedicure $57 (55 minutes)
Manicure $36
Just for Women Pedicure $57 (55 minutes)
Manicure $36
Eucalyptus Spearmint Pedicure $57 (55 minutes)
Manicure $36
Sunkissed Pedicure $57 (55 minutes)
Manicure $36

Paradise Deluxe $62 (60minutes) (pressure point)

Paradise Deluxe includes Neck Wrap Organic herbal packs that are natural aroma-therapy that will soothe and relax your mind and body and target pain and stress with massage on your neck and shoulders. Soak your feet with Epsom salt to soften skin and will even neutralize foot odor. Includes cuticle trim, callus removal, exfoliating scrub treatment, relaxing foot massage, hot towel rejuvenating lotion. Paraffin wrap and hot stone and after that we do massage with reflexology. Stimulation of these reflex zones can help restore the body’s normal physiological functioning, reduce tension, alleviate the effects of stress, and assist in bringing greater balance to the body and mind.

Royal Deluxe Pedicure $62 (60 minutes)
Manicure $36
Heavenly Deluxe Pedicure $62 (60 minutes)
Manicure $36
Rejuvenation Deluxe Pedicure $62 (60 minutes)
Manicure $36

Volcano Deluxe $75 (60 minutes + 10 minutes neck massage) (pressure point)

Detox Volcano Crystals and Activators combine to create an invigorating and detoxifying experience with a fun bubbling explosion. Complete the pedicure treatment with an exfoliating sugar scrub, collagen cream mask and collagen massage lotion made with organic based ingredients. These products leave the pedicure bowl free of residue, making clean up fast and easy.
The Volcano Spa Pedicure is now available in 4 alluring scents: Romance, Honey Pearl, Orange No. 5 and Tropical Citrus, more coming soon! Volcano Spa includes five steps, Detox Volcano Crystals, Detox Volcano Activator, Exfoliating sugar scrub, Collagen organic Cream, and Collagen Organic Massage Lotion.

YOUTH MENU (4ft and under)
Nail Polish $5 – $9
Toes $7 – $9
Art $5 & up
Kids Pedicure $22
Manicure $12

Includes cuticle and nail shaping, then a sweet sugar scrub to exfoliate your legs and feet. Next is foot massage with lotion, polish if desired. With free 2 simple nails art.

Solar Colors Full Set

Full Set Colors Tip with Gel $47
Full Set Colors with Gel $42
Fill Different Colors $37
Fill the same Colors $30
Acrylic Full Set $30
Acrylic Fill $20
White Tip or Pearl Tip Set $31
Shellac Gel with Manicure $36
Nail Take off $10
Nail repair $5 & up
Polish Change with gel only $22
Polish Change Hands $10 – $12
Polish Change Toes $12 – $17
French or American $5
Nail Art $5 & up
UV Top Coat $5
Paraffin Treatment $7

Nail Extension and touch up

Dip & Nae Nae (SNS) $42
Dip & Nae Nae with Tip $45
Dip & Nae Nae Pink & White $47
Full Set Ombre $52
Solar Full Set Pink & White $42
Or American with Gel
Solar Fill Pink & White $32
Pink Fill $22
Top Coat Gel on Fills $5
Buff and Shine on Fills Extra $5

Prices depends on the length of the nails


Eyebrows $10
Lip $7
Chin $8
Whole Face $36
Under Arm $21 & up
Half Arm $31
Full Arm $41
Hands $11
Fingers $6
Half Leg $41 & up
Full Leg $56 & up
Back $51 & up
Chest $46 & up
Bikini $36 & up
Brazilian $56 & up


Temporary Eyelash $20
Semi-Permanent $40
Refill Semi Permanent (1time) $25
Individual Eyelash Extension $100
Individual Eyelash Refill $60
Tint Eyebrow $25
Tint Eyebrow and Wax $30

Facial Services

Paradise Facial  $50
Paradise facial cleanses the skin by removing dead skin cells. Increases the smoothness of the skin and maintains a good hydrated skin. It is finished off with a facial massage underneath a steam.

Paradise Deluxe Facial  $70
Includes everything in the PARADISE FACIAL plus a customized mask and extra skin treatment, aimed towards wrinkles, dark spots and other impurities.